Tuckshop Oxford Shirt, NOS Fabric from 1950s

When we mentioned we only offer high quality and fine workmanship products, we are not kidding.

Recently, we managed to find some old vintage fabrics dated back to 1950s from Shanghai and made them into shirts.  These are NOS (New Old Stock), 100% cotton, left on the shelf in an old fabric store ‘unused’.




By touching the fabrics, it is uneven and small ‘nicks’ like those vintage fabric made from old machinery can be found on these
Shanghai NOS fabric.

We have heard many versions of story regarding this batch of NOS fabric. But there is only one we believe to be closest.

Westerners (American, English, French…) resided in Shanghai during the much turbulent years in China. Cultures, beliefs and in this context, fashion were brought in, influencing greatly on the Chinese.

As history goes, Shanghai grew to become an industrial center for China because of her strategic location. As such, Shanghainese tailors often has got an eye for western practices and tradition for fabrics and tailoring skills.

Our fabric in Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies could very well be the result of this very old production.


As like any other NOS, these vintage fabrics come in an assortment of checked pattern, in several pieces. Tailoring them is a tough job for our manufacturer, Red Cloud & Co. The available fabric can only be made in sizes of XS, S and M in very, very limited pieces, totaling 32 shirts.

It is also because of this small amounts, we maintained a very high quality for workmanship and spot-on detailing.






Oxford style single needle stitching, matching pocket pattern, 50s cutting, pleated back and pointed collars with tabs.
Cat’s eye button with one extra is available.

These are one-washed shirts, so expect minimum shrinkage.

Such vintage shirt of historical values are only available in Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies (Singapore).